CrossPoint Community Church is committed to sharing the word of the Lord. Over the past few years, we have created a reputation that is bold in faith and committed to service. We hope you will embrace our beliefs and discover who we are and how we serve the Lord. Please join us on Sunday for a celebration of worship. Continue…

A little bit about our Pastor Dean Register

Dean Register is a passionate and relevant communicator of biblical truth and a man deeply in love with Jesus Christ. He is a shepherd-leader, a calm spiritual warrior, a "Barnabas" to other pastors around the nation, and a man who exemplifies Christ-likeness privately with his family and publicly with others.

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Prayer Requests what's on your mind?

Here at CrossPoint Community Church we believe in the importance of prayer. We also understand that we are called to love our neighbor. If you would like to send a prayer request (public or private) please click to link and a group of believers will pray with you.

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